Built to withstand New Zealand’s extreme climate and terrain with heavy duty, robust, design and construction



The Scannell 2 Bale Trailing Feeder has a capacity of 2 bales which are fed out using a patented Twin Rotor Feed system. The left side is lower and travels 20% faster than the right side. This gives two different feed patterns, this allows operators to feed the bulk of the bale out one side and the core on the slower side, avoiding throwing the whole thing over the side. Alternatively, you can feed the bulk out slow and the core fast depending on your preference.

The heavy duty 4.4 tonne capacity hub assemblies, hub shields to protect from hay and twine and the low centre of gravity coupled with excellent ground clearance make this machine a pleaser to feed out with. The two stage loading forks and adjustable ‘free’ running slider platform makes bringing the bale to the optimum spot for loading a breeze, this means no harsh landings and therefore no unnecessary stress on the machine.

Scannell 2 Bale Trailing Feeder TR
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  • Two stage loading forks with adjustable free running slider panel.
  • Patented twin rotor feed system. The left side is lower and travels 20% faster than the right side, giving two different feed patterns.
  • Self-adjusting drive chains.
  • Steel chain covers.
  • Full sheet metal adjustable floor protects shafts.
  • Drop side for carting bales and for square bale option.
  • Low centre of gravity and excellent ground clearance.
  • Full width anti-wrap and deflector feeds clear of the wheels.
  • Heavy duty 4.4 tonne capacity hub assemblies with adjustable wheel track.
  • Hub shields protect seals from hay and twine.
  • Wide grip tread tyres.
  • Hose end holder.
  • Enclosed 2” chain with sturdy battens attached.
  • Heavy duty towing eye. Ø40mm hole.
  • Removable jack.
  • Jack carry brackets
  • Machine Dimensions
    – W 2.220 x  L 3.500 x H 1.275 = 9.906m³ .880 kg (with wheels and forks off).
  • Capacity
    – 2 Round Bales
  • Options
    – BKT Tractor grip tyres.