Built to withstand New Zealand’s extreme climate and terrain with heavy duty, robust, design and construction



The Scannell 5 Bale Trailing Feeder has a capacity of 5 bales, one on the table and four in the bed.  Feeding out is done using the patented Twin Rotor Feed system. The left side is lower and travels 20% faster than the right side. Side loading forks are efficient and easy to use & double RHS chassis gives strength to the machine that is unmatched.

It has folded plate tandem axles with high tensile bronze bushes, the axle centre pivot is offset so that the front tyres carry less weight. This means that turning and soft ground performance are greatly improved reducing the risk of sledging. Heavy duty hub assemblies with hub shields protect seals from hay and twine. It has a heavy duty 2” floor chain coupled with 40 x 40 Duragalv battens to make feeding out a trouble free exercise.

5 Bale Trailing Feeder and Loading Fork
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  • Patented Twin Rotor Feed. The Left side is lower and travelling 20% faster than the right side, giving two different feed patterns. Finishes cores quickly without wedging. Delivers excellent performance.
  • Heavy-duty hub assemblies with hub shields to protect seals from hay and twine.
  • Folded plate tandem axles with high tensile bronze pivot bushes. Axle pivot offset so front tyres carry less weight for better turning and soft ground performance.
  • Full width anti-wrap and deflector feeds clear of the wheels.
  • Full sheet metal adjustable feed floor also protects shafts
  • Enclosed 2” chain with 40×40 ‘Duragalv’ battens attached.
  • Robust 150x75x5 RHS chassis with 100x75x5 RHS doubled section.
  • Fully sandblasted and painted with 2 pack Urethane.
  • Drop side for unloading bales.
  • 11.5/80×15.3 tyres.
  • Self-adjusting drive chains.
  • Steel chain covers.
  • Heavy Duty Jack
  • Weight = Approx. 2220 kg
  • Side self loading forks
  • 5BT-CF-TR-DS
    – W 2.220 x L 8.650 x H 1.700 = 32.784m³
    – 2.000 kg with loading forks off