Built to withstand New Zealand’s extreme climate and terrain with heavy duty, robust, design and construction



The Scannell 12m³ Universal Feeder features an elevator that is fully adjustable from 15 right through to 90 degrees of tilt. Functions are controlled by a joystick in the cab with fingertip control giving the machine its reputation of being easy to use. It is great for feeding out into troughs or over fences and gives the option of feeding out any product that you may need with no trouble. It comes with a sprung tail door to allow for rear loading of bales. The USF-12m³ features an offset axle pivot allowing the front tyres to carry less weight for better performance of soft ground lessening the chance of sledging.

Maintenance of the machine is easy with only eight grease nipples on the entire machine better still they only need to be greased once a month. But it doesn’t stop there: the bottom roller on the side elevator is a piece of round pipe that the roller chain simply rides over. With just a top sprocket that goes in between the rollers the top drive giving the chain its self cleaning properties. The cross feed floor is driven by a maintenance free hydraulic reduction box, and the rear tail door pusher is controlled by one large hydraulic cylinder. Just some of the features that make the Scannell 12m³ Universal Feeder the strongest and most robust machine that you will find.

Scannell USF-12 - 12m³ Universal Feeder
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  • Two double acting hydraulic remote connections required from your tractor.
  • Multi function joystick for finger tip control.
  • Maintenance free hydraulically driven reduction box driving cross floor.
  • Elevator is fully adjustable from 15 to 90 degrees of tilt.
  • Ability to feed into troughs or over fences.
  • Controlled placement of product gives ideal feed patterns on all feed types.
  • Reliable hydraulic cylinder driving tail door forward and back.
  • Sprung tail door to allow rear loading of bales.
  • Both feeder and loading compartment are on the same level preventing bales from tipping over when bringing bales forward into the feeder section.
  • Robust tandem axles with greasable bronze pivot bushes.
  • Offset axle pivot allowing the front tires to carry less weight for better performance on soft ground when turning.
  • Wheel hubs fitted with shields to protect seals from hay and twine.
  • Roller feed chains driving 50mm x 50mm battens.
  • Anti-skid adjustable leg on tow bar.
  • Side elevator is reversible.
  • String rail along the side.
  • Fully sandblasted and painted with 2 pack Urethane.
  • Heavy duty 22.5 tyres 12.5/80/15.5
  • Weight = 3300kg
  • USF-12-SE
    – W 2.800 x L 8.340 x H 2.020 = 47.171m³
    – 3.300kg